Thursday, April 17, 2014

This blog isn't kept up with but this place exists. And it exist in the old way. Mom and Pop, Family Business, Brick and mortar... Whatever. We're a skate shop that started in 2002 for the love of skateboarding. If you still care about that kind of thing then we got you. If you're a tourist, you should probably go to the mall. That being said we love setting up a first skateboard for anybody of any age. Everyone gets a fair shot. Be yourself, but act right. I assure you we are nice people. Prices are on a par with where ever the market is. Cheaper product isn't the reason you support the real shop. You come to Magic Bullet because we can tell exactly why a Venture Truck turns differently from a Thunder Truck. We follow no scripts and don't stand to make a better commission off upselling you the pricier bearings. We make the same margin, so we're going to get you the product that best suits the skateboarder for the stage they are at. We welcome any problem you may have with your set up and will give it our all to fix it as cheap as possible. Shoes are a major part of the shop and we proudly fly the Nike flag. Fallen and Globe are also log standing companies we back. Longboards aren't our main focus but we can get them. And we generally keep some on in shop. We do have a shop team that consists of the best skaters from the surrounding area. We make a shop video every couple of years and the skaters throwing down the hardest for the video are the ones that might get the hook up here and there. If you are interested, get the videos and go from there. Other than that,the shop squad is comprised of the best customers who understand how hard it is to do an independently owned skate shop in this era. We put everything we have into the progression the Fredericksburg Skateboard Community while maintaining the underground aesthetic that made skateboarding cool in the first place.