Tuesday, August 25, 2009

closed on mondays 2 from Fred Slybone on Vimeo.

The locals keep this place awesome all day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Smithers and the best trick deck

Brandon Josey

Jim Brooks

Brooks Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Jim Brooks wins todays game of SKATE.

lots of games went long as result of ripping. that's good.....

at the onset of the day i had my money on Aaron Rochula with Dom as the darkhorse.
Aaron is always consistent with every heelflip variation..... he'll seriously rock you.
Dom has a bunch of tricks that really just weren't working today. He got taken out by Peter Diehl who started strong but flattened out. dude pops his tricks nice and tuff.
Silent John took out last years winner in the first round. yet he still owns me 28 bucks for some wheels from last winter. nah mean?
the Brooks/Drew Vogan match was crazy good. i think Drew landed 3 tricks he'd never done before.
Eric Janda was lookin real good at the start. cleaned up a lot of his tricks.
Jimmy was of course showing well, as he always does.
Tyrone was stomping. Smithson was...kinda blowing it, but still made it far. i'm not sure if i'd rather see a Smithson/Tyron skate off, or a fight to submission.

but in the end, we had a three way battle between Rochula, Janda, and our winner, Jim Brooks.

Brandon Josey beat out Ringo for the youngbuck game. Brandon was ripping. proper bigspins and poppy f/sflips. honorable mentions go out to Logan and Schyler for the most youngbuck exciting game.

The Best tricker was rather polite actually. no snake session at all. nice one boys..... i poled the whole park to see who they thought won, and here were the notables.

Shams did a sexy noseblunt on the 6 foot QP.
Reiff did a handplant thing from the 6 to the bank.
Brooks switch heeled the stairs

smithson ollied from the bank to the 6 and feeble grinded to fakie. airwalked the pyramid to flat. did some lines with handrails tricks and blunts on the QP.

Tyrone kickflip front boarded the rail and did the ol' benniehanna to flat.

Boner landed the most stuff including an ollie from bank to bank over the handrail. got that? some stupid stuff from pyramid to flat. handrail blah-d-blahs.

as i was i announcing that the park consensus resulted smithson with a bunch of votes and a tie between Tyrone and Boner with the most; Smithson came blazing by me and double airwalked the pyramid to flat. that's ma' boy!
i was done after that.

thanks to the judges who help me a bunch. Joey Grice, Big Al, Patrick, Sean and fredskate ledgend Matt Mirablie.

everybody that entered is a ruler

Saturday, August 22, 2009

skamp '09

Four weeks of skate camp becomes more of an endurance contest than anything. in the end it's always worth the extra soreness.

here Fidy nosemannies.

that's me hiking over 7 boards for the second time in my life. Tyler, Cameron, and Fidy posted up like a mug.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

new little buddy

<-Fidy forgets his keys Jody Dundee

<-SKAMP trying to get piece of Fidy