Monday, June 29, 2009

Sticky Icky is outski and up for sale at the skate shopski.

come and get one.

thanks to everybody who came out to support the opening. The CRRL was nice and packed out, although i was kinda hoping it'd be a little more uncomfortable in the room (i'm sure everybody disagrees with me there). eitherway, Zeph set the wheels in motion with a sneek peek at his new movie entitled The Lizard and The Wisard. looks strangely delightful. we also got ahold of the new United By Fate video, as well as, some free gunk to giveaway from Globe Shoes. everything went so smooth it was like it didn't happen. the torrential downpour immediately following was pretty awesome too. thanks to Mrs. Mann and Craig from FAA who made everything run smoothly.

the following night, however; totally different story. i was pretty bummed. the one dude who has something to do with the place had a problem with the show that was booked, so he went out of his way to make the experience awkward. we basically showed the video and left, which was not the plan. buuuut, thanks to David Allen for coming into the shop and asking us to show the video there anyway. that dude is still cool. oh, and i guess one of the servers is bummed because he got stiffed on some tips from dudes who ordered cheese fries. you have to tip kids!!! thanks to Neil for the snaps, Bredren Sound for everything, and Forensics for shredding.

don't stop.... punk rock

free boner



i say, "these guys are loud" they say,"bring it on"

mom gets punk