Wednesday, April 29, 2009

not a very good bloggonator

so i've been on several trips since the last post with nothing but few undocumented anticdotes... i have a fall montage too. but i had some trouble uploading it. se la vie.

here are some highlights from the past few weekends at Ben's:

Wes joined in on a street skating mission and ended up skating a BMX demo on vert ramp (on his skateboard).
Clarkson broke his arm playing soccer
Reiff was given the name "dollar bill" from this one dude
Smithson has broken a board a week for the last 6 weeks
Ben will have the feel good part of the year
"so where's the party at?"
Jed can skate for miles

in other news:
SXBG is planning for prom
the Get Cultural dudes have almost all new footy for sticky icky
Phillip and Levek both got new whips
Boner is still on lockdown
Fidy got a clip
Julian is the newest addition to Boston Market
Shamblin has been putting in hours in the shop

Thursday, April 2, 2009