Friday, January 30, 2009


i was cruising around the internets and stumbled across this photo of my bud Wes at the apex of a backsmith.

this photo and a slew of other really good skate and nonskate shots can be found on:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Battlefield Brookspark

Under the new Park Authority Regime, the overall conditions of Planet Brooks Park have vastly deteriorated. Recently, The condemned bowl was nuked into oblivion with extreme prejudice. Skatesoldiers have been repeatedly trapped within the Brooks Park compound only to be confronted by Galactic Police and issued warnings/tickets. Several parental units lodged complaints forcing the regime to allow for proper warning before closing the chamber doors.... Rather than peacefully complying with this reasonable treaty agreement, the park official confronted skatesoldiers and issued this statement, "You think you're so smart. and you may have won the battle but you have not won the war."

here is a clip of a FREDSKATES 1 under hostile pursuit and narrowly escaping the barrage of fire from the now infamous W.E.A.S.L. of Battlefield Brooks.

Battlefield Brooks from Fred Slybone on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

well i wanna do a throwback too....

i like the idea of digging out old footy, so i did it too. Jim Brooks is one of my, all time, favorite dudes to skate with.... and film, for that matter. Jim does his tricks quick and can run his trick regiment at a spot he wants to skate. Lately, he's been busy working and being a dad; but when he makes it out to the park he still seems to have everything. This footy was shot from about 2000-2004 on hi-8 and digital-8. so some of it is pretty crusty and probably not decipherable.

Jim Brooks from Fred Slybone on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Anti Gravity's...soft opening?

My weekend started on Friday. Fidy relieved me of my duties at the shop nice and early. The car was packed full of boxes of griptape designs, supplies for Ben Lee's new apartment, and Smithson.

The A.G. squad was killing. Doug put down switch backheels on the six stair with ease. Charlie was landing everything he tried. Some other dude who's name i never got was capable of lazerflips every try. Cody was shredding. Jed was also "cruising". This means that he was only doing about three tricks a minute instead of ten. Other rippers would be Brad Bentz and his countless ledge/hubba/rail tricks. switch tail 270 out and bigspin out.... Kyle Falzone whom i hadn't seen since he was a little kid, grew up to be the all around ripper I would have guess him to be.

The Fred boys showed up and were all giggles. Clarkson was a bit tattered and trying to skate safe. His trick of the weekend would have been on the tall quarter pipe; he popped over the deathbox into a pivot stall and then popped back over the box to fakie. Reiff rolled in looking like the Muska sans ghettoblaster. He too was sliding across the ground in less than thirty seconds, but he settled in and was balsting airs to wall splats on the quarter-to wall-to bank. Then there was Ben; he found countless lines and did his Ben Lee thing all over the park. i can think of one thing in particular but he seemed to be pulling something every time i looked up..... well, if you know Ben you know he'll fall ridiculously hard for seemingly no reason and he did that a few times. I made it a point to remind him that i had to keep snatching his board from careening across the park. Fred local Drew Vogan was also present, yet weak from illness, and homie Ian was my buddy on the tight wall.

So I have to say thanks and take my hat off to Mr Bill. He's the owner and driving force behind the many stages of Anti Gravity. (i didn't even mention the transforming features this place has).

i took next to no pictures becasue i was skating and hanging all day....and i ran out of batteries.

this is a smidgen of the tight wall i was talking about

Lane in Wonderland

Monday, January 12, 2009

A.G. reopens

New Anti Gravity Park opens this weekend... should be a banger.

Untitled from Fred Slybone on Vimeo.

"Lane in Wonderland". this is my take on illustrating Alice in Wonderland. all the characters are people i know and backgrounds from photos i have (or bit off of). some of characters are from the book. think beyond the Disenyland movie and the retarded drug references. i'm not the most literary dude, but when it comes to books, I'm into the land of makebelieve. fiction. fantasy creatures. fairy tales. critters. buggers. whatever......

that goes for movies too. search out what Jan Svankmajer did with the story.

...and then, there's this:

Monday, January 5, 2009

this one is for my friend Zac..... bares a similar likeness in both the physicals and mentals. i.e. the shnozz and the oddballsness. and i mean that in the most endearing way possible.

in the event that you're not familiar with me or the shop; i should probably say that this is on piece of griptape.